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2019 Tournament Schedule

2019 Tournament Schedule

1st-30th 4-Ball Qualifying
28th BCC Spring Home Opener

1st Suburban League
1st-5th Individual Match-Play Sign up
1st 4-Ball 1st Round Begins
12th Mother's Day - Shotgun

13th-14th Aeration
15th Suburban League
16th Spring Capt AM -Pick Teams
18th 1st Round of 4-Ball Complete
19th Spring Captain Am
20th 4-Ball 2nd Round Begins
21st Tue Nite League Starts

22nd Individual Matc h-Pla y Begins
23rd Victor's Tournament
29th Suburban League

8th 4-Ball 2nd Round Complete
9th Triple 6's
10th-12th 4-Ball 3rd Round Begins Suburban League
16th Father's Day- Shotgun
16th Individual Match-1st RD Ends
17th Individual Match-2nd RD Begins
19th Suburban League
22nd BGA 4-Ball - Course Closed
24th Member Guest 1pm

30th 4-ball 3rd Round Complete


1st 4-Ball 4th Round Begins
4th July 4th Shot Gun

10th Suburban League
13th-14th 2 Day Member/Guest
15th Grow Hope Tournament
17th Individual Match-2nd RD Ends
18th Individual Match-3rd RD Begins
21st 2 Man Met
24th Suburban League
27th Creeden Tournament
31st 4-Ball 4th Round ends
31st NEPGA 7:30-9:00AM

3rd-4th 2 Day Member/Member
5th 1st Lutheran
10th Individual Match-3rd RD Ends
11th Individual Match-4th RD Begins
12th Member/Guest 1PM
17th-18th Club - Senior & Class ABC Championship
23rd Brockton City Open - Course Closed

2nd Labor Day - Shotgun
7th 3 Stooges Tournament
8th Individual Match-4th RD Ends
9th -10th Aeration
14th-15th Commissioners' Cup
21st 4-Ball Finals Complete
22nd TNL Field Day
23rd Member/Guest 1PM
26th Colors Met Pick Teams
29th Colors Met

7th Individual Match-Play Final
10th Captains Pick Fall Capt D Man Am
13th D Man Am
14th Columbus Day Shotgun

3rd Beef Stew Open

Posted by Brian Ritucci on 03-24-2019